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When a new parent brings their child to Dolores Mission School for the first time we remind them of two important items that will forever change the scholastic experience of the child:

  1. They are now at a Jesuit Catholic school that will form their child to “be a man and woman for and with others” and
  2. That THEY, as parents, are the first teacher of their child or children

For a student that is enrolled at Dolores Mission School it is important that parents collaborate, communicate and support the teachers and staff of Dolores Mission School so that the student can take full advantage of the curriculum, enrichment opportunities, Catholic teachings and sacramental preparations that are offered here. 

The staff and teachers of Dolores Mission School recognize and respect the varied histories and stories that have brought our families to us. We pledge to work with parents in a manner that is constructive and supports the parents to help further the educational career of their child.

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