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Financial Aid

There are several Financial Aid options available at Dolores Mission School. Those who qualify based on Catholic Education Foundation application status are also eligible for the Adopt-A-Student program whereby private donors help offset the cost of tuition by providing scholarship dollars to Dolores Mission School students.

All financial aid requests are reviewed by a committee and considered on a case-by-case circumstance. Dolores Mission School does not turn families away due to financial hardship; current documentation to qualify the hardship must be in order and is described when making an initial meeting with administration. In addition, parents, guardians or other active members in the child’s life must be available to participate in their child’s learning and prepared to engage with them along their path to become young men and women for others.

Catholic Education Foundation

DEADLINE: Parents MUST submit for this program by March 1st.

All Dolores Mission students are eligible for the need-based Tuition Award Program offered by the Catholic Education Foundation. Each eligible student who applies will receive a scholarship. Applications will be available in January for next school year.


Accepted Financial Documentation

  • Recent tax returns or W2 forms
  • Formal letter of disbursement for Unemployment, Disability and/or Social Security
  • Formal letter of disbursement for AFDC, Food Stamps and/or WIC
  • Court order of alimony and/or child support

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