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The core curriculum at Dolores Mission School of language arts, math and science meet California state and Archdiocesan standards. However, at Dolores Mission School, we take it even further by providing a variety of comprehensive academic and enrichment activities that are unique to Dolores Mission School and to the community. The results in the student’s standardized test scores (STAR) have shown steady improvement each year since school-wide standards were set into motion. Also, the service in which Dolores Mission School shares with the nearby community including the homeless and elderly clearly defines an integral aspect of the Jesuit tradition. We integrate parents and community members to better engage all aspects of the lives of our students. Additional curriculum includes and is not limited to the following:

  • Science lab with dedicated instructor for grades 6-8; same instructor works with grades 3-5 for weekly science lab visits and instruction with homeroom teacher
  • Art and technology labs with full time instructor overseeing both areas and integrating technology in both art and science
  • Technology lab with computers
  • Departmentalized junior high where students in grades 6 thru 8 change classrooms by subject matter

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