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School History

Established 1925

The incarnation of Dolores Mission School began three decades after Dolores Mission Church was founded in 1925. The parish grew, and in 1950 the people of this community asked the Archdiocese of Los Angeles to join them in addressing the needs that it had identified for itself. Consequently, Dolores Mission School was founded. Since 1980 the California Province of Society of Jesus (Jesuits), committed to the challenges and hopes of Dolores Mission, has been responsible for the parish and school.

Located in Boyle Heights in the East Los Angeles region of the city across from the Los Angeles River (between 4th Street and 1st Street). The two housing projects that Dolores Mission School serves are Pico Garden and Las Casitas Housing Projects, whereby families pay roughly 30% of their income for rent. 92.3% of the population is Latino and 40% of families with children live below the federal poverty level, most of which are single-parent households with the mother reported as the head of household.

While this information is both disturbing and true, these are the challenges that Dolores Mission School faces daily. While most parish communities and schools are supported by its parishioners and their respective families, Dolores Mission finds itself on the opposite end, helping support the harsh realities of its parishioners and families by working together with the community for safety, stability and offering a quality education in a nurturing environment.

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