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Dolores Mission School Board

The Board has been established in order to advise and assist the Principal and Pastor of Dolores Mission Elementary School on matters relating to the governance, development, finance, and management of Dolores Mission Elementary School (hereinafter called the “School”). The Archdiocese has the legal responsibility for the operation of the School.


The Board Members’ mission will be to assist the Principal and the Pastoral Associate in ensuring the Catholic and Jesuit identity of the School; in providing for the financial support of the School, in preparing an annual operating budget; in determining and maintaining a continually appropriate physical facility; in the effective administration of the School’s policies as they affect students, faculty and staff; in assisting in the development and realization of long-range plans for the School; in representing the School to the various local communities of greater Los Angeles; in assisting the School in determining and maintaining an appropriate relationship with the greater Los Angeles and local communities; and in providing leadership and counsel on any subject requested by the Principal or the Pastoral Associate.

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