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President’s Welcome

Welcome to Dolores Mission School’s official website. Here we all work united as teachers, staff, community and friends, to form our students into “young men and women for and with others!”

As President of Dolores Mission School, I have the absolute privilege to lead our school community to achieve academic excellence and personal growth for every child. Our mission of “forming men and women for and with others” is very important to us because it is grounded in Ignatian principles and values that are directly related to what Christ Jesus calls us to do. We apply the understanding of this mission to choices related to important foundational facets such as a focusing on a discipline system that restores the child, building collaborative and constructive parent-teacher and teacher-student relationships, building a comprehensive and challenging school curriculum, and collaborating with the community at large to identify needed resources for families to feel love.

As a Jesuit school, the most important ideal that we teach our students is for students is to recognize that God is present in all things, all people and most importantly themselves. We cultivate a self-awareness and promote a mastery of self-identified goals for each student that will empower our students to be leaders in our community to go forth to “be men and women for others” for the greater glory of God.

Welcome to our family! Know that you are loved, special and God has special plans for you! Go Eagles!

Mrs. Karina Moreno-Corgan, M.Ed

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